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Kinetic Chain Assessment.

Theraspace works with you to achieve your own fitness goals by improving your movement, flexibility and strength. We'll assess your posture, flexibility, power and movement through kinetic chain assessment at our private gym in Clayton West, Huddersfield.  We'll identify your areas for opportunity and create a personalised plan to optimise your body to be the best it can be.

You could be seeking to improve your sporting performance, core strength, speed, endurance or flexibility. Perhaps you're just struggling with everyday functional tasks and need to address an area of stiffness, inflexibility or niggle in your movement. Maybe you're unaware that your performance is being limited... most people aren't, and that's where we can help you to realise your true potential!

The Kinetic Chain.

The kinetic chain is your body's way of moving all it's connected joints from one fixed point.

We've been carrying out our kinetic chain movement assessments for more than 20 years, and identifying sub-optimal movement so we can develop safe, unique and individual training plans.


We'll work with you to assess and correct things in a way that meets your needs in a tailored fitness programme.

Our Training Plans.

No two training plans are alike, they're completely bespoke to you.

So, if your shoulder always twinges when you lift weights, we'll find something that works and gives you the results you're looking for... without the pain!



We know that no two people are alike in a physical sense, as well as an aspirational sense.

Theraspace works with you to understand what you'd like to achieve. We'll assess your fitness in the context of your own goals, and take things from there. We'll support, coach and guide you through the steps on your own fitness journey.

Theraspace regularly works in conjunction with physiotherapists at Back in Action, Wakefield to prepare a fitness programme that will complement your recovery.




Integrated sports performance training _


Power Plate preparation at Theraspace Fi




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