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Train. Strength. Power.

Martyn Gregg at Theraspace explains that Power Plate is used by sports teams and professionals around the World to complement the training regimes required for performing at the highest levels.

"The science tells us that it's not only athletes who can benefit from the vibration technology. The evidence is endless, and it's particularly advantageous as we age encouraging bone health, post-operative healing, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscle strength and knee joint stability among others."

Martyn Gregg, Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist

Powerplate Performance.

As a coach I am always searching for edges in performance. My teams and I have several years experience with vibration training, and I know the players and staff feel it truly makes a difference. I am delighted to work with Power Plate International, the leaders in vibration training and technology, not just because of their excellent product, but also as important, their comprehensive support, education and training which helps us get the best out of their machines.


Sir Clive Woodward, Rugby World Cup Winning Head Coach and Team GB Director of Sport, London 2012

Off court training is as important to me as on court. With thePower Plate, I’m able to accelerate my off court training and maximize the benefits.


Serena Williams, U.S., Australian and Wimbledon tennis champion

The dancers of The Royal Ballet find the Power Plate machine be neficial for warm-up, rehearsal and recovery. It is an effec-tive tool for stretching, strengthening and relaxing muscle - three essential aspects to ensure a great performance.

Daryl Martin, Chartered Physiotherapist, The Royal Ballet


The science says it all.

Scientific study results are well documented to improve the overall strength, power, lean tissue and bone density. 







Power plate recovery at Theraspace Fitne



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