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Recovery Sports Massage.

Martyn Gregg, owner and personal trainer at Theraspace Fitness and Wellbeing in Clayton West, Huddersfield. He is also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist. This means that Theraspace offers a complete training solution that will complement any fitness regime. Massage can speed up recovery so you're ready for your next workout, big game or ultra-marathon!


As well as general recovery and sports massage, Martyn provides specialist massage therapy to aid recovery from injury or sports rehabilitation. Common injuries include muscle tears, sprains and strains associated with high intensity or impact sports.

Sports Massage Therapy.

Sports massage is a great way of complementing any fitness programme as it helps to promote muscle nourishment, lower cortisol and increase the natural production of growth hormones.

  • Improves circulation

  • Promotes movement of fresh blood into muscles

  • Enhances lymphatic drainage

  • Lower risk of injuries like strains and tears

  • Can alleviate Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness DOMS

  • Speeds up recovery

  • Resume training sooner

  • Heightened sense of general wellbeing

  • Can reduce pain

Power Plate Technology.

Vibration technology has taken the fitness world by storm as a preparation and training aid as well as to assist with recovery.  Power PlateTM is the market-leader and we're an authorised training centre.

The variable frequency vibrating pulse can have an analgesic/stretching effect on the muscle/tendon spindles. This flushes the muscles with enriched blood and the lymphatic system drains the waste product. As well as the traditional plate we also use a hand-held device to target hard to reach areas and enable a short-burst of focused therapy. We can easily incorporate this into your programme as and when it's required.

Sports Massage Therapy at Theraspace Fit


Combining massage with a stretching programme can enhance overall performance, recovery and strength.






Power Plate Authorized Centre at THerasp








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