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Power Plate recovers at Theaspace Fitnes







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Power Plate at Theraspace.

Power Plate vibration technology is available at Theraspace Fitness and Wellbeing Clayton West, Huddersfield.

Martyn Gregg is proud to be an expert in the use of Power Plate and Theraspace is one of the only Power Plate Authorised Centres in the North of England. 

Core Benefits.

Power Plate uses vibration technology to achieve results quicker, smarter and safer. Power Plate is a certified medical device that works the whole body at one to stimulate natural reflexes. It improves cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and respiratory health by increasing muscle activation, improving circulation and engaging the lymphatic system.

These results can be achieved in less time than conventional training as the vibration load switches on more muscle fibres. Typical Power Plate strength and power training sessions last 30 minutes. 

At Theraspace we use Power Plate at various stages of an exercise routine, through warm up, power and strength training and then to assist with recovery in our cool down session at the end of a work out.

So your individualised training plan may include full Power Plate sessions or we might include it in your warm-up, cool-down or focused exercise. By incorporating the vibration technology into stretches, massage and move lactic acid to the lymphatic system to aid recovery we can speed up the process compared to more traditional approaches.

One Solution.

Whether you're looking to stretch off following a long run, prepare for your next match, or improve your flexibility Powerplate can deliver results quickly at every stage of your activity. Work on your own or with a trainer to achieve the results you're looking for.

  • Preparation and pre-workout stretching

  • Strength, power and resistance training

  • Post-workout recovery massage and stretching

  • Balance and core training

  • Targeted vibration via handheld massage device

At Theraspace the Power Plate is located away from other gym apparatus, enabling you to engage safely and without coming into contact with other clients. 

Power Plate at Therasapce Fitness Wellbe

Smarter. Quicker. Safer.

Power Plate uses your own body weight to intensify the exercise. So, you'll get the same results with less weight, meaning a reduced risk of injury.

Power Plate at Therasapce Fitness Wellbe
PowerPlate authorised Logo 4c_K.jpg
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