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Price rates for Theraspace Fitness and Wellbeing, personal trainer and private gym in Clayton West | Huddersfield

Personal training programmes

Group fitness sessions

Integrated performance training

Sports massage

Power Plate

Kinetic Chain Assessment

Friends Working Out

Group fitness sessions.

Train in a group with friends or family -  work-out and motivate each other.


Exclusive use of the gym. It'll be just you, your buddies and your Personal Trainer.

2 People - 1 hour session £50

3 People - 1 hour session £60

4 People - 1 hour session £80

Integrated sports performance training _

Integrated performance training.

Intense integrated training for athletic performance, strength or endurance.


Targeted training designed to integrate with your team, coach or physio-led plan. 

5 x 1 hour Block £225 (save £10)

Includes a Kinetic Chain Assessment


A personalised approach to your fitness.

A one-to-one personal training programme to set you off on your health and fitness journey.


A personal training programme to meet your needs and help you to reach your fitness goals.

1 hour session £39


5 x 1 hour Block £175 (save 10%) 

10 x 1 hour Block £350 (save 10%)

20 x 1 hour Block £700 (save 10%)


Personal training
Integrated performance training
Group sessions
Kinetic Chain Assessment
Sports Massage Therapy at Theraspace Fit

Sports massage.

Enhance your recovery with a deep tissue sports massage.


Deep tissue sports massage.

30 mins - £27

45 mins - £32

60 mins - £39

Power Plate training.

PowerPlate authorised Logo 4c_K.jpg

One-to-one Power Plate training  to accelerate your preparation, training and recovery.

30 mins - £25

5 x 30 minute Block £112.50

Kinetic Chain Assessment.

Let us set you off on your health and fitness journey.


Understand how your body moves to get the best results from your training programme.

We'll develop a completely personalised plan based on your body and how you move.

Sports massage
Power Plate
Climbing Up the Hill
Ed and Cheryl.jpg

Ed & Cheryl

We've both trained with Martyn for around 15 years. He keeps us strong, motivated and has got each of us back on track after some nasty injuries. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Theraspace to anyone looking for an experienced personal trainer / sports therapist in the Wakefield/Huddersfield area. 


We each look forward to our twice-weekly sessions combining strength, cardio, Power Plate and sports massage when needed. Martyn is knowledgeable, professional and is always learning




I have been fortunate enough to train with Martyn at Theraspace for many years. His expertise and knowledge about the body and it’s connections is second to none, and he always has insightful solutions to any injury or instability I have presented with. I wholeheartedly recommend him.



Hi I’m Ben Walker, 25, a full time youth team football coach at Guiseley AFC and semi pro footballer. I work with Martyn to improve power, speed and strength on the pitch. Using a combination of techniques including, Power Plate work, explosive functional movements, cardio intervals and weight training. Martyn has helped me through my rehab with them all. From a hamstring strain, to bringing me back to full strength from a complicated leg break. Can’t recommend enough!

Olly Fenton Testimonial for Martyn Gregg


Martyn has been my personal trainer and friend for 17 years.  He is very good at keeping training interesting, diverse, safe and effective. He already has enormous experience and qualifications but also keeps up to date by reading and going on courses and then talking about this while we train.


I am a surgeon so while we train we are often talking about the anatomy and mechanics of activity, exercise and movement.  He knows about appropriate weights, frequency, effort - he knows my limits and adjusts our training regime to suit. Very strongly recommended 

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