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Theraspace Fitness and Wellbeing has moved to Clayton West | Martyn Gregg - A Profile

Theraspace Fitness and Wellbeing has moved to new premises in Clayton West, Huddersfield, near Denby Dale and Wakefield. Owner, Martyn Gregg talks about his career, training and treating people with sports massage therapy in West Yorkshire for the past 25 years.

My career began in 1989 when as a part-time fitness instructor I worked at Rothwell Sports Centre, eventually going full time in 1995 upon completion of my diploma in Sports Therapy.

Throughout those years I have been approached by several prominent companies including Greens, National Grid, Time Retail Finance (GE Money) requesting my services for their members/employees. In addition to fitness, my ‘go to’ sport was football, and I found the training was my release. The fitness level that I achieved through sport has been enjoyable and my enthusiasm filters through to my clients, inspiring them to keep pushing the boundaries that life can present.

I mainly operated as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist based at other membership and privately owned gyms including Nuffield Health and Wellbeing (formerly Greens) in Wakefield, then Impact Fitness at Thornes, Wakefield. Moving Theraspace to Clayton West is the first time I've had the autonomy to create and organise my own space, and it's really exciting!

Cheryl's a keen cyclist so we use kettlebells to build leg and core strength

I specialise in functional fitness and performance and my tools range from Kettlebells and Dumbbells to the space-age vibration technology of the Power Plate and endurance building kit like the Kaiser watt-bike. Use of the Power-plate is now classed as a recognised medical device that is proven to help you; Prepare-Faster, Perform-Better, Recover-Quicker. So I regularly incorporate Power Plate work into personal training sessions for warm-up stretching, strength, flexibility and massage cool-down.

Theraspace Fitness and Wellbeing is one of only a handful of Power-Plate Authorised Centres in the north of England.


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