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It's Great to be Back in the Gym!

Following a lengthy period of time away from the gym I was certainly ready to get back to business on 12th April! I've been training a few clients outdoors over the past few months which was great for my own mental health and theirs, but we've all been ready to get back into the gym.

It's great seeing familiar faces of people who I've trained for many years and also welcoming some new clients to the gym here in Clayton West.

Theraspace Fitness and Wellbeing | Flexibility
Maintaining my own flexibility during lockdown

Keeping active in lockdown has been a challenge, especially on the dull days when the rain was pouring. So I managed to get into the gym on my own and worked on maintaining my own strength and flexibility!

Although it was difficult to be in the space without having you all to join me, I had to keep myself in shape for welcoming you all back. We'll take it one step at a time, but we'll get you all moving again soon.

Head on over to my new website to see what personal training and sports massage services I'm now offering in Clayton West.

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